Research and development


We are systematically developing our company in order to serve you with a broad range of products and services. We establish relations with medical environment as well as universities which results in new therapy methods comeing into being, like electrophonophoresis.

We get to know new material, workmanship and engineering technologies which we later put into practice in the company and our products. In construction work we routinously use advanced computer aided design software CAD/CAM.

We make efforts so each of our devices is ergonomic, safe, foolproof and durable.

Our measurement laboratory is equipped with modern measure-control equipment that enables us to precising record various physical quantities. Devices for magnetic fields, ultrasounds, laser radiancy measurements let us reach high quality of our projects. Many times we build specialistic measuring systems of our own if they are not available on the market.

Designing process is based on ISO 13485 rules taking Medical Directive requirements into consideration. Experience gained in previous projects and during production and servicelays foundations for of new elaborations.