Etius U

Ultrasound Therapy

 Electrotherapy and ultrasound

Electrotherapy and ultrasound therapy unit Etius U is intended for carrying out treatment procedures using:

  • a wide range of bipolar and unipolar currents
  • using ultrasound therapy and phonophoresis
  • a combinated method of the two above mentioned psyhical agents in the standard form

The Etius U unit like the Etius unit, is equipped with two completely independent treatment electrotherapy channels. Additionally, it has got one ultrasound therapy channel with a possibility of performing treatment using two different types of heads:

  • standard ultrasound therapy with the effective radiating area 1 cm2 or 4 cm2, which generates the ultrasound wave with 1 MHz frequency

Dual functionality of the unit allows you to easily perform combination therapy treatment such as combined therapy for which we designed dedicated preset treatment programs.

The Etius U unit may be operated in one of two modes: whenthe  output current is stabilized and when the output voltage is stabilized. The latter one is suitable for performing treatment without a dedicated area and for combined therapy.

Except commonly well-known in physiotherapy currents, Etius U unit offers the application of microcurrents , unipolar sine surge, as well as TENS currents used for spastic paralysis therapy.

The unit has got more than 200 preset treatment programs, additionally, there is a possibility of creating own user-defined procedures. Besides this unique feature, the unit has got implemented handy, easily configurable list of favourite programs, where the user can save the most commonly used treatment programs.

Taking into account the importance of the patient’s comfort, we have created the patient’s stop switch that may be used in case of feeling unwell or uncomfortable while performing the treatment.

Also the unit may be applied in electrodiagnostics of the nervous-muscle system.



  • interferential (isoplanar, dynamic, static, one-channel AMF)
  • TENS ( symmetric, asymmetric, alternating, Burst)
  • TENS for spastic paralysis therapy
  • Kotz’, Russian stimulation
  • tonolysis
  • diadynamic (MF,DF,CP,CP-ISO, LP)
  • Trabert pulse, Leduc’, faradic
  • pulse – rectangular, triangular
  • unipolar sine surge
  • galvanic
  • microcurrents


  • electrodiagnostics with graphic presentation of I/t curve
  • automatic calculation of rheobase, chronaxie as well as threshold, coefficient and quotient of accommodation


  • 1 MHz, 1 cm2 ultrasound head
  • 1 MHz, 4 cm2 ultrasound head
  • continuous emission – thermal effect
  • pulse emission – micro-massage
  • ultrasound heads provided with contact control connected to a treatment timer
  • stabilization of the output power


  • Complete control for advanced users


  • simplification of the unit operation
  • treatment programs chosen by name
  • 207 preset treatment programs
  • 110 user-defined programs
  • 80 favourite programs
  • naming individual user programs


  • simplification of the unit operation
  • 30 preset treatment sequences



  • two independent treatment channels
  • operation mode: program/manual
  • easy-to-read display
  • operation in graphic mode
  • preset treatment programs base
  • treatment programs chosen by name
  • treatment timer
  • electrodes test
  • statistics – the number of performed treatments
  • buzzer volume setting
  • precise control over the ultrasound wave emission during the performed treatment
  • head sensitivity calibration
  • temporal loss of contact does not interrupt the treatment procedure e.g. bone area


  •  graphic LCD display
  • heavy-duty and reliable keyboard
  • modern design
  • operation in CC (stabilized output current) and CV (stabilized output voltage) modes
  • complete galvanic isolation between channel in each mode
  • generation of unidirectional (unipolar) currents in interrupted mode
  • self-test – systematic control of the unit


controller – maximum constant current in patient’s circuit (CC mode)
interferencial, Kotz’, unipolar sine surge 100 mA
TENS 140 mA
diadynamic, pulse 60 mA
galvanic 40 mA
tonolysis 100 mA
microcurrents 1000 µA
maximum voltage in patient’s circuit (CV mode 140 V
max. ultrasound wave intensity  3 W/cm2
pulse frequency 16 Hz, 48 Hz, 100 Hz
duty cycle for pulse mode  10%, 25%, 50%, 75%
mains supply 230 V, 50 Hz, 50 W, 70 VA
weight  6 kg


  • Etius 2 years
  • ultrasound head 2 years
  maks. 6 kg



  • mains cable
  • patient lead (2 pcs.)
  • electrotherapy electrode 6×6 cm (4 pcs.); 7,5×9 cm (2 pcs.)
  • viscose electrode cover 6×6 cm (8 pcs.); 7,5×9 cm (4 pcs.)
  • velcro fixing belt 40×10 cm (2 pcs.); 100×10 cm (2 pcs.)
  • 1 MHz, 4 cm2 ultrasound head with holder
  • spare fuse T1 AL250V (2 pcs.)
  • user guide


  • disposable self-adhesive electrodes 3×4 cm; 5,5×5,5 cm; 5,5×12,5 cm
  • point electrodes 5 mm, 10 mm, 15 mm, 20 mm
  • crocodile clip
  • sand-filled bag 21×14 cm,21×28 cm
  • bag for the unit and accessories
  • VERSA trolleys
  • gel 0,5 l (1 pc.)
  • 1 MHz, 1 cm2 ultrasound head with a holder
  • patient’s stop switch