Impactis M+

Impactis M + the newest version of shockwave therapy unit

Impactis M+

Shockwave Therapy

The shockwave therapy is one of the most effective methods for treating musculoskeletal disorders and for conducting professional aesthetic medicine treatments (dedicated transmitter).

Impactis M+ is the latest product of the renowned Polish brand Astar – a market leader in physical therapy and rehabilitation equipment. Due to modern solutions, excellent service support and high quality of offered devices, Astar is a brand appreciated both in Poland and around the world.

Based on more than twenty five years of Astar experience, a new improved model of the shockwave therapy device from the Impactis series has been created. The Impactis M+ has been designed with even greater ergonomics in mind. It has all the features of the Impactis M device, trusted by thousands of specialists in the field of the physical therapy, along with additional functions that increase the convenience of use and expand the therapeutic possibilities of the device.

Intuitive operation, improved software of built-in treatment programs and a new pulse emission mode make the premiere of the Impactis M+ device one of the most awaited among Astar devices.

By using the frequency range from 1 up to 25 Hz, Impactis M+ allows you to increase patient comfort during the treatment, and the specially designed, comfortable bag makes the device a fully mobile support in environmental therapy.
The shockwave therapy is a quick and non-invasive way to eliminate nagging pain. Positive effects of the treatment are felt after a series of 3-4 treatments with a weekly break.
The duration of the treatment is only about 10 minutes.


  • 7’’ touchscreen
  • Illustrated treatment encyclopaedia
  • Modern interface
  • Spring shock absorber
  • Treatment statistics

Anatomical mode

Built-in treatment programs assigned to individual parts of the body facilitate the work with the patient. 
The user can also save favourite 
programs and treatment sequences.

New pulse emission method

Impactis M+ has been enriched with an additional, interval emission mode.
In addition, the applicator can work in 
continuous, single mode or “burst” mode.

Program mode

The operation of the device is intuitive and simple. The device has 44 predefined treatment programs allowing quick access to selected therapies and manual operation mode.
The innovation is that Impactis M+ gives the possibility to edit and save them.


The manufacturer guarantees 2 million shocks. The device automatically monitors their number, and the self-test 
function informs the user when the number exceeds 1.8 million.
The regenerative applicator kit allows you to perform another 2 million shocks.


The device can be adapted to work 
in the physiotherapy practice center as well as in environmental therapy at the patient’s home. Impactis M+ is light (only 7 kg), and a dedicated bag will fit the device together with its accessories.

compressor pressure 1 - 5 bar
emission frequency of impulses (shocks) 1 - 25 Hz
shocks range 1 - 10 000
max. energy density on the transmitter surface 3 mJ/mm2
projectile system life 2 million cycles
mains supply 100‐240 V, 47‐63 Hz, 24VDC 6,25A
dimensions of the device 36,1 x 30,4 x 15,1 cm
controller weight 7 kg
weight with the applicator and power unit 9 kg

Standard accessories:


  • mains cable (1pc)                                                                 
  • switch mode power supply (1pc)
  • shockwave applicator (1pc)
  • transmitter 10 mm (1pc)
  • transmitter 15 mm (1pc)
  • transmitter 20 mm (1pc)
  • titanium transmitter 15 mm (1pc)
  • spare gaskets 8x3; 12x3; 13x3 (2pc)
  • spare elastomer spring (2pc)
  • ultrasound gel 500 g (1pc)
  • spare time‐lag fuse (1pc)
  • applicator holder  (1pc)
  • projectile chamber spanner (1pc)
  • screwdriver for fixing the holder (1pc)
  • display cloth (1pc)
  • display stylus (1pc)
  • user guide (1pc)


Optional accessories:

  • transmitter 35 mm
  • titanium transmitter 10 mm
  • titanium transmitter 20 mm
  • regeneration kit (projectile system)
  • hearing protector
  • bag for the unit and accessories
  • trolley dedicated for the unit and accessories