Physio.Go Lite Laser

new, ergonomic biostimulation laser therapy unit

PhysioGo.Lite LASER

Biostimulation laser therapy

Check out the new, ergonomic biostimulation laser therapy unit made by ASTAR - a Polish manufacturer of physiotherapy and rehabilitation equipment.
ASTAR with its 25 years of experience in the physiotherapy field has created a device combining modern technology as well as ergonomics and comfort of use.

PhysioGo.Lite Laser supports treatment of diseases from the key areas of its application including orthopedics, rheumatology, sports medicine and aesthetic medicine. Due to the relatively low weight and the possibility of battery application, the unit allows you to work both in the physiotherapist’s centers and conduct home healthcare environment therapy treatments. 
Built-in treatment programs make it easy and convenient to perform treatments with the use of PhysioGo.Lite Laser unit.

PhysioGo.Lite Laser is a high quality biostimulation laser therapy device that non-invasively supports tissue regeneration and prevents the development of disease processes. 
Importantly, tissue biostimulation is a completely safe treatment – low laser energy does not cause a strong thermal effect and tissue damage. The device is also adapted to work in the Nogier and Voll frequencies, thanks to which it also works well in laserpuncture treatments.
Built-in illustrated therapeutic encyclopedia contains as many as 175 programs for disease entities, and the automatic power test of laser applicators ensures that the correct exposure values are maintained.


  • 5’’ touchscreen 
  • Modern interface
  • Treatment statistics
  • Applicator statistics 
  • Automatic laser power measurement test
  • Illustrated therapeutic encyclopedia

Program mode 

Using PhysioGo.Lite Laser in program mode is convenient and simple. The user can choose from 175 programs prepared for common disease entities, as well as use predefined treatment procedures, Nogier and Voll acupuncture programs.

Manual mode 

The device allows you to create and save your own treatment settings. It is also possible to copy the treatment parameters from the Therapeutic Encyclopedia and adapt them to the individual needs of the patient.

Illustrated therapeutic encyclopedia 

The unit has a built-in Therapeutic Encyclopedia, which contains basic information on the use of biostimulation laser therapy for individual disease entities, including the information about the type  of applicator, parameters and the recommended frequency of treatments

Three applicator sockets

PhysioGo.Lite Laser allows you to simultaneously connect three applicators and freely switch them while working with the device. The applicators are selected from the list of available accessories.


PhysioGo.Lite Laser is lightweight and  easy to transport. Specially designed, comfortable PRO Bag will hold the unit and its accessories

frequency 1 Hz – 5000 Hz
emission frequency of impulses (shocks) 1s - 100 minutes
treatment timer 1s - 1000 minutes
power supply 230 V +/– 10% , 50/60 Hz, 350 VA
controller dimension 30 x 23 x 11 cm
controller weight 3 kg



point probe applicators 0,5 J/cm2 – 15 J/cm2 regulation step 0,5 J/cm2
scanning laser applicators 0,5 J/cm2 – 20 J/cm2 regulation step 0,5 J/cm2
cluster laser applicator 1 J/cm2 – 15 J/cm2
regulation step 0,5 J/cm2

point probe applicators max 450 J
scanning laser applicators max 3000 J
cluster laser applicator max 3000 J



Standard accessories:

  • mains cable (1pc)
  • safety glasses for biostimulation laser therapy (2pc)
  • warning labels (set) (1pc)
  • DOOR blocking plug (1pc)
  • touchscreen stylus pen (1pc)
  • touchscreen cleaning cloth (1pc)
  • masking covers with cutout (2pc)
  • spare fuse WTA-T 3,15 A/250V (2pc) 
  • user guide (1pc)

Optional accessories:

  • point probe R 660 nm/80 mW with holder 
  • point probe IR 808 nm/400 mW with holder 
  • scanning applicator R+IR 50 mW + 400 mW 
  • scanning applicator R+IR 100 mW + 450 mW 
  • cluster laser applicator 5Rx40 mW + 4IRx400 mW 
  • optical fiber applicator, straight, Ø 6 mm 
  • optical fiber applicator, angled 45° , Ø 6 mm 
  • optical fiber applicator, angled 45°, Ø 6 mm, narrowed 
  • fiber holder Ø 6 mm 
  • PRO bag 
  • Versa trolley
  • batter